Van Vliet Brothers - Serving Vancouver and Lower Mainland Crane and Concrete Forming
Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park, built by Van Construction in 1969.
From left to right: Van Vliet Brothers Fred, Neil, John, Tony, George, Nick, Joe, Pete, Jack, and Paul.


The Van Vliet’s have been a trusted family name and major player in the construction industry since the 1960’s. In the beginning, ten Van Vliet brothers formed Van Construction after immigrating to British Columbia. In 1995 Van Construction finally left the industry successfully. Their enthusiasm for the trade has passed to the next generation of achievers. Brothers’ Edward and David Van Vliet established Van Brothers Forming Ltd. in 1995, after many years of experience with Van Construction.

Before entering into partnership together, both Edward and David completed the Douglas College Self Employment program, allowing them the opportunity to implement their expertise in construction and perform what they learned from the SEA Program to run a successful business.

Today, Van Brothers Forming Ltd. is one of the most reputable forming companies in the industry. You can trust that our high quality products and attention to detail will show the test of time.