Van Brothers Forming LTD Corporate Profile

Van Brothers Forming Ltd. specializes in Architectural and Structural concrete for the industrial, institutional, and commercial industries. Van Brothers Forming Ltd. also provides a broad range of construction experience in seismic upgrading, pre-engineered structural steel, multi level concrete structures, LEED Projects and self- consolidating concrete (SCC).

Van Brothers Forming Ltd. employs qualified framing, forming and concrete journeymen tradesmen. We provide excellent wages and benefits, expressing our dedication to enabling our highly skilled employees to remain motivated and satisfied.  This allows for complete quality control of the fundamental construction components. Our experienced full-time site superintendents ensure that our work is always executed to the highest industry standard.  Close attention to every detail and a passion for our work is what consistently sets Van Brothers Forming apart and defines our client-centered approach to doing business.

A major strength of Van Brothers Forming is how our experienced team, continues to maintain a hands-on approach, succeeding with efficient, timely organized projects.  We utilize the latest in technology to assist in computerized estimating and scheduling systems to maintain efficiency, dependability and flexibility on each project.  Organized systems emanate from the core of our head office, to each project site.

Van Brothers Forming Ltd. has acquired experience in ENVIRONMENTALLY sustainable construction with various projects working within the GVRD over the past seventeen years.  Some of these projects can be found on our projects page.
  • We take pride in our commitment to building first class architecturally featured projects.  Design build formwork is our specialty.
  • We believe every project receives the same sense of caring and attention to detail.
  • We believe business should be done in a forthright and direct manner, on time and on budget.